Brides Magazine Cover Oct 2014 Award winning makeup artist Sarah Brock:

Dermatx Rejuvenate System:

"As a leading bridal makeup/ beauty expert, I am always asked for product recommendations for brides-to-be, as every bride wants their skin to look radiant on their wedding day. Regardless of whether a bride has a budget for salon treatments or not, I always stress that it is essential to have the best possible skincare regime on a daily basis at home for the most effective and visible results. Part of my job as a bridal makeup artist/ beauty expert is to try many different products from many different brands and I have worked with most of the major beauty brands over the years, so I know what works and what doesn't!

Wherever possible, I will always recommend cosmeceutical products rather than high street brands, as they do have the ability to transform the skin long-term, rather than a 'short-term fix'.

I have been a huge fan of mircrodermabrasion for years (it's something I personally use in my skincare regime), so I was really excited to try the Dermatx Rejuvenate System. I understand that by using a microdermabrasion system, not only does it offer immediate results, it also enhances the results of all of the other products you use after (ie serums/ moisturisers) and I know this personally, from experience.

Why do I love the Dermatx Rejuvenate System so much? Firstly because it is unique - rather than just one microdermabrasion cream for all skin types, Dermatx offers 3 different types of cream which targets different skin concerns (Brighten/ Clarify/ Rejuvenate), so you can really address your individual skincare concerns. Secondly, because of the team behind the brand, who have a wealth of experience within the dermatology and skincare sector - and I love the fact that this brand was 'born' from wanting to bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and deliver effective, affordable skincare treatments that consumers could use safely at home without having to visit a dermatologist, but still benefit from the amazing results that prescription skincare delivers.

The ingredients are amazing for the price - never before I have seen a brand which contains professional grade corundum (aluminium oxide) crystals and cosmeceutical ingredients at this price point.

What results did I experience/ see? After 1 use, my skin was immediately smoother, softer to the touch, brighter and more radiant. After using the product a few times a week, after a few weeks of use I continued to see improvement to my skin - my pores looked smaller and more refined and my lines and wrinkles looked softer and less deep.

It is a joy to use - I am a busy working mum and I don't have time to visit a salon, but this is my twice weekly treat, which really does leave my skin looking and feeling amazing - it is something that I will continue to use as part of my skincare regime and I will definitely be recommending it to my clients in the future"

Sarah Brock award winning makeup artist

Award winning makeup artist Sarah Brock

BRITISH VOGUE SAYS "Sarah is the go-to makeup artist for award winning makeup"

CONDE NAST BRIDES MAGAZINE SAYS: "Sarah is the industry leader in freelance bridal makeup"

Known as one of the UK's leading bridal makeup artists, Sarah has been creating the most exquisite makeup looks for over 1,000 brides for years and her skills are highly sought after for weddings nationally and internationally. She has been selected by top Beauty Editors, Journalists, celebrities and wedding industry experts to be the makeup artist for their wedding day and has collaborated with the biggest names in bridal fashion creating the makeup looks for their stunning campaigns. She has created the makeup looks for 23 covers of Conde Nast Brides Magazine as well as numerous fashion/ makeover shoots. Sarah has appeared on Wedding TV sharing her expert advice with brides-to-be and also regularly contributes quotes to the national press as a bridal beauty expert. 

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