Frequently Asked Questions

Which DermaTx System?


Q. How much pressure should be applied to my skin when using the exfoliating foam pad?
A. Light to medium pressure should be used in upward circular strokes during the treatment.(Lighter pressure around the cheek areas and more pressure on problem areas). If redness or irritation occurs, too much pressure is being applied. With sensitive skin, less time and pressure may be required. Gradually build up frequency of use in the beginning so you don’t set yourself back by unnecessarily irritating your skin.

Q. Is it normal to have a residue on my skin after treatment?
A. The Corundum Crystals in DermaTx Microdermabrasion Creams are left behind after the moisturiser base has been absorbed into the skin. The Crystals and your dead skin cells can be removed by rinsing your skin thoroughly with warm water. You can also use the cream in the shower ensuring the residue is fully rinsed off.

Q. Should the microdermabrasion treatment be painful?
A. No, not at all. If you experience any discomfort during use then you are probably using too much pressure or for too long. It is normal for your skin to feel a mild sunburn-like sensation for a few hours after treatment. Skin irritation, break outs and redness may occur, especially if the product is overused. If you experience redness or discomfort, give your skin a rest for a few days.

Q. Do I need to clean the exfoliating foam applicators and how often should I replace them?
A. After each use, rinse the foam applicators with warm water. Wash with any anti-bacterial soap or cleansing product to discourage the growth of bacteria. Your foam pads should last as long as your cream does if used properly.

The foam applicator should be replaced regularly approximately every 3 months (depending on use).
The cleansing brush heads should be replaced regularly approximately every 3 months (depending on use).

Refill creams are available to purchase separately.

Q. Can I use my usual skincare products after treatment?
After performing your DermaTx microdermabrasion treatment, apply a moisturiser. Make sure you use sun block daily to protect that new radiant skin. You can continue with your usual daily skin care routine after treatment.

Q: Is Aluminium Oxide Safe?
A: Aluminium oxide crystals are natural products and are perfectly safe and non-toxic if ingested. They do not cause any adverse skin reactions and are not carcinogenic. Corundum is the most common naturally occurring crystalline form of aluminium oxide. Rubies and sapphires are gem-quality forms of corundum.

Q: How many DermaTx microdermabrasion treatments are required to see results?
A: In general, use DermaTx Microdermabrasion Creams twice a week. When you start to exfoliate your skin using microdermabrasion, you will notice an almost immediate difference even after one treatment. Your skin will look healthier and feel softer, but major changes (like reduction of lines and mild scarring) will take several months of consistent use. There is no way to speed up this process, so don’t overdo it and set yourself back by unnecessarily irritating your skin.

Q: How do I prepare for DermaTx microdermabrasion?
A: No pre-treatment is necessary. Just make sure your skin is clean from all makeup, oils and dirt, then pat your face dry.

Q: What should I expect after treatment?
A: Your skin may appear red for a few hours and may feel like it has been sunburnt. Make sure you apply a moisturiser after treatment to help soothe and hydrate. You should be using a sunscreen daily, but it is especially important after microdermabrasion treatments to help protect against sun damage and to help prevent ageing of your skin. Avoid using exfoliating products (e.g. containing retinol or AHA’s) on the same day or the following day, as too much exfoliation will cause irritation.

Q: How long should DermaTx microdermabrasion treatments take?
A: This depends on the treatment area, your skin’s condition and user experience. The average treatment on your face alone should take approximately two minutes. If you have an area where you tend to break out more often or have blackheads, scars, lines or pigment changes, you may work those areas alone a little longer.

Q: How often should I use DermaTx microdermabrasion cream ?
A: This depends on the treatment area and the condition of your skin, but the general guideline is two times a week. Don’t try to hurry things along by scrubbing too hard. You can gradually increase the pressure, length, and frequency of your treatments if you are not getting the results you’re looking for.

Q: Who shouldn’t perform DermaTx microdermabrasion treatments?
A: Microdermabrasion is not recommended for ultra sensitive skin types or those with active rosacea or acne, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, fragile capillaries, sunburn, skin rash, open wounds, lesions, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and lupus. It is also unsuitable for those who have had recent laser surgery or are taking Accutane. Discuss your medical history with your doctor if unsure.

Q: Are there any skin side effects?
A: Some people experience dry and flaky skin initially due to the normal resurfacing process. This improves as the skin ‘gets used’ to the treatment. Some breakouts may also occur initially, due to purging of the follicles. Again, this tends to only last for a short time. Some people experience oily skin afterwards because microdermabrasion strips the oil from the skin which causes the oil glands to work more than usual to make up for it, but it does settle down. Discontinue use if you have severe redness, itching, burning, rash, swelling or blistering.

Q: What can’t DermaTx microdermabrasion do?
A: Microdermabrasion cannot cure severe scarring, pigmentation or deeply spotted areas on your face. Microdermabrasion works well at the very top layer of the skin. It cannot reconstruct the epidermis like laser surgery or Dermabrasion treatments can.

Q: Can I share my DermaTx microdermabrasion products with other people?
A: While you may want to share your DermaTx microdermabrasion cream with other people, make sure the cream is suited to their particular skin type before use. We do not recommend that you share your foam pad applicator between users.

Q: What if I have oily skin along with pigmentation – which DermaTx cream do I choose?
A: There is no reason why you cannot use different DermaTx creams for both skin types and alternate. For example, use DermaTx Brighten one day, then 3 days later use DermaTx Clarify.

Q: Can I use the cream around the eye area?
A: Yes as long as you are careful not to get any in your eye.

Q: How long will a tube of DermaTx Microdermabrasion Cream last?
Using DermaTx Microdermabrasion Creams is very cost effective compared to clinic treatments, being a fraction of the cost but with similar results. A 75ml tube will last up to 3 months or more. Each microdermabrasion treatment costs less than a cup of coffee!